Me need coffee!

We’ve reached a new place in human history. While in the SeaTac airport (under construction/remodeling, as is every other airport in the universe) I noticed that a new class of necessity being pointed out. On the signs that indicate such important details as gate numbers and the location of emergency services, fire exits, baggage claim, and restrooms, a new icon has been added: Espresso. All hail caffeine, the socially acceptable addiction of the new millenium! Fortunately, it is a trend I can say I was “ahead of”. I feel like standing outside of a Starbucks leaning on a cane, and hollering at the pre-teens that come out with their fancy drinks and yelling thinks like, “You kids! I was suffering from intestinal distress and debilitating withdrawal headaches before you even could pronounce ‘Carmel Macchiato’!” I’ll have to work on a more crumudgenly voice and perfect a condecending fist-shake.