I just realized something about this past weekend: I’m comfortable as a complete geek. When I was hanging out with my friends there, I did a lot of really strange things that made them laugh, but it never bothered me because I knew they found funny only because they know I’m quirky. I’m not a member of the social mainstream, I know it, and they know it. They still like me as Kyle, and seem to enjoy (even value?) the ways in which I’m different from them. Then, at the party on Saturday night (Ow, my liver), after a few drinks I was sitting on the floor with some younger friends of mine and freely talking about the pipelined FPU design on the Althon (among other things). It comes naturally to me, so why fight it? At the same time, I’m not one-dimensional; my friends in GR also feed those other parts of me that feel and hurt. I’m blessed to have them.