Stop wasting my time

Dear No-Talent-Ass-Clowns:

Please stop applying for jobs at my company. We are good at interviewing. If you put JDBC on your resume, but haven’t ever used PreparedStatement, we’re bound to notice. If you have Oracle listed in your skillset, please be familiar with SELECT statements at a bare minimum. The ability to mention the concept of a JOIN in describing the retrieval of data from multiple tables is a real plus. Also note that being skilled with J2EE and Servlet technologies should include having used HttpSession once or twice. And when I give you a very simple method signature to fill out, don’t try to talk your way out of it. I’m interviewing you to write code, so I don’t think asking knock out a few trivial lines on the whiteboard is out of line.

Oh, and your rock called. It would like you to come home and climb back under it as soon as you can. And pick up some milk on the way.

Thank you, don’t come again.