Today’s frivilous lawsuit is brought to you by a moronic student from the University of Kent who pagiarized his papers and eventually got caught. His absurd argument goes like this: “I’ve been plagiarizing my papers for my whole time here. I should have been caught earlier and told it was a problem. But since they didn’t, they shouldn’t just send me away from school this close to graduation.” Amazing.

I wonder if serial killers use this same logic? Clearly, the more you get away with something, the less you should be penalized when you finally get caught.

By no means am I equating stealing academic papers and murder. But come on! You’re an English student! Your entire major is some combination of reading and writing. Do you think it’s fair that you should get a degree when you’ve admitted to only doing half the work? And don’t fake it: you knew it was wrong to plagiarize. Nobody has to explain this, although I’m sure they did repeatedly (all my profs did in every class). Suck it up, kid: you did wrong and there is a cost.