Poor Lamar

I just saw Lamar Odom on SportsCenter say that there were “Americans that didn’t want America to win.” When asked why that might be, he didn’t know. Maybe it’s because many of us can’t watch the NBA anymore. Maybe we don’t want to watch tattooed idiot taunt each other. Maybe the 24 second shot-clock has turned it into a repetitious run-n-chuck game. Maybe we don’t want watch for two hours to find out who gets the last shot to win the game.

And maybe we just simply wanted you to fall flat. To be humbled. To be taken down a peg. On your stage, your swagger may be justified. But it’s time to realize, just like in every other sport in the Olympics, that the US doesn’t dominate. It’s a contest for a reason. Show up, play hard. Play as a team.

Don’t tap your chest and insist that you “gots to represent.” Look at the colors on your chest, and remember who you represent. You certainly haven’t represented me as an American.