Good weekend

Man, I had a heck of a weekend. I’m still trying to get my head around it. It involved everything I could imagine that could be packed into a weekend, done along side my two best friends. There was drinking, football, drinking, food, dancing, drinking, and even some nudity. Did I mention the drinking? I guess it is sort of justified due to the occasion for the GR visit (I’m not putting those details here, if you don’t know, it isn’t relevant to you).

But with all the partying and running around, the most amazing moment had to be on Sunday night. We’d met tdeb at Founder’s for a beer and were heading back to Kirk’s place in the bitchin’ PT Cruiser I’d rented (not by choice). We pretty much all freaked out looking up into the sky and saw the Nothern Lights going crazy. It was insane. We ended up standing outside in 34-degree weather staring into the sky until our necks were sore and hands numb. What an amazing thing to witness.

Heck of a weekend.