More spending

Well, it’s official: XM is costing me more money. The fact that it costs about $10/month is fine with me. But the side effect I had hoped for is actually happening: I’m finding new music that I like, and am buying it. A healthy Amazon order went out last night to add some new music (like Death from Above 1979 and Breaking Laces) to my collection. Heck I even ordered a CD from one of my favorite comedians thanks to the XM comedy station reminding me of how truly funny he is.

Now I can truly say that my music collection isn’t stagnant. And I’m finding music without having to deal with stupid annoying commericals.

Also, I did have the joy of cruising down 101 last week with all the windows down, sunroof open, and the Eurythmics “Sweet Dreams” blasting off the 80’s station. Now that is a euphoric moment!