I fell

Yesterday was a big day for me. I started by driving down to the Monterey area and jumping out of an airplane with my best friend Liz. Then I hustled back to a dinner party at my neighbors’ that ended up being a Persian New Year celebration (amazing food and lively company). Once that was all said and done, I headed up to SF to go dancing at a psi-trance thing up at the Blue Cube. It turns out that it is pretty amazing how well you can fill your days if you really try to.

On skydiving, it was really a pretty amazing experience. It was marred a little bit by the fact that we had to wait for about 3 hours before going. As expected, people who jump out of planes aren’t real big on organization and scheduling; the “reservation time” we had was fairly pointless. But once it happened, the experience was beyond words. I was mostly dumbstruck as I hopped from a plan and just fell for 60 seconds. It was so unreal that I kind of disconnected from it. Some part of me refused to believe that it really could be happening. Except for some bruising around the shoulders and the fact that I was too big for the harness (and probably for the guy strapped to my back), it went wonderfully. I might have to do it again. Liz, ever the adrenaline junkie, is convinced that it will become her next hobby!

Oh, and it is worth noting that I didn’t bother to tell any part of my family about it until afterward. On the way back to RWC, I called the folks to let them know. I said, “Guess what, I just jumped out of an airplane.” True to form, my father immediately dead-panned, “You idiot”, and promptly laughed.