Lost jacket

The people at my work are a bit “special”. How can you tell? Well, Scot lost his jacket; he thinks he may have dropped it on the way out to his car. Most people would send about 15 words to their coworkers to find out if anyone saw it or picked it up. Not Scot:

I am wrought most sorely vexed over the chance that my jacket may have fallen to the wayside whilst I did perambulate from the edifice in which we work to my automobile carrying several ungainly packages. Should you have encountered it this eve or should you do so in the morning, lying unattended and rumpled, heavy with night dew and abandonment, I should be most appreciative were you to give it succor and aid, bringing it once more into the friendly domain of human/jacket society.

Or you could just drop it by my cube - it’s dark blue corduroyish, with a reddish interior. The jacket, that is - the cube looks pretty much like all the others.

Thank you, and may your own jackets ever bask in the friendly warmth of your attention and care.

I love working here.