Revenge of the Suck

I keep going on and on about how much I like working for my current company; it really is a great place. But today they did something of dubious value: they took me (and the rest of the engineering team) to see George Lucas’s latest abomination. Really, watching something that horrible as a group was an awful thing to do for morale, especially with some big release deadlines coming up. What were my bosses thinking?!

Seriously, though: I’m so glad I didn’t pay money for that. If I want to see wooden delivery and puppets I’ll glue some googley-eyes to a sock and make it lip-synch to a tape of my 7th grade play.

Update 6/21/2005: I really enjoyed a deconstruction of the Star Wars prequels and the persistent characters therein that I found via American Idle. Very well written!