Serenity, I hope?

A friend dropped me the URL of what is supposedly going to be a pre-screen of the soon to be released film “Serenity”, a movie built from the ashes of the show Firefly. I filled out the relevant bits and mashed submit. As far as I can tell, I’m in: two tickets for 3 days before the official release. I can hardly wait.

I have managed to drum up workplace excitement for the movie by passing my copy of the Firefly DVD set around. Without exception, each person came back and said, “Why the hell did Fox cancel this show? It’s awesome!” Nice work Fox. Excelent market research. Just at my work, I can point you too about $500k worth of household income who (a) didn’t hear of your show due to sub-par marketing and (b) would’ve watched it and been exposed to your advertisers.

This all goes back to a point I’ve made many times. There is a fundamental problem with surveys and Neilson ratings: they only measure the portion of the populace that likes to do surveys! I don’t, and neither do my friends. But, man, are we worth marketing to. So figure out how to measure us.