What a night. I finally got to see Weezer in concert, something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time. Although I’m not really a big fan of the new album (it’s no Pinkerton) I had a great time at the show. They played very well, and the crowd just ate it up. Rivers even did a solo/accoustic rendition of Island in the Sun from a tiny little stage set up at the back of the arena. Some hoochie hopped up on the stage and did a little dance during it, but it was still cool.

They were on the bill with Foo Fighters. I haven’t kept up with their recent stuff, but they were just amazing. Dave Grohl is a fantastic front man (just ask my concert-companion Sarah, she’s in love with him). I was truly impressed with how perfect they sounded. And the drummer: wow. The man is a machine. Aaron X. tells me that there was some initial difficulty with drummers for “the foo”, and justifiably so. Grohl is a great drummer and himself, so you’re not going to get past him as a slacker.

Stopped by at Jeff’s birthday party on the way home. “The Flury” was plowed and loud, and many of my friends were in attendance. Damn, I love that bunch!