The EFF Risk

I have donated money to the EFF several times since I believe in much of what they stand for. We need a “rights defending” group that understands the new online and electronic world, and the EFF specializes in that. However, I have to agree somewhat with the scathing opinion piece on The Register. The EFF, despite its purpose, has really bobbled several important cases and actually hurt the causes they intend to champion. Maybe the EFF needs to examine its staff. Fighting the good fight is admirable, but you also need to fight it well to make a difference.

This sadly reminds me of a sticking point for me in Christiandom. People often feel that being “good hearted” or “on the right side” is enough. But in the service of a cause (or God), excellence is also very important. I know it is impossible, especially when relying on volunteers, to get the best of the best. But it really does bother me to see various forms of “righteous incompetence” justified purely because of the side being taken.

Just ask the Crooked Saint what he thinks of sub-par Christian music, and you’ll get what I’m saying.