A Wealthy Man

I’m as wealthy as I’ve ever been. Yes, I make good money, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m in a place where I have the richest set of friends I’ve ever had. I have people to laugh with, buddies to veg out with on the couch, shoulders to cry on, and backs to slap at a party.

I’ve had a few little strange freak-outs and anxiety attacks. This is a strange, new, and vivid world of emotion for me. It’s fine, though painful, because it is real. I choose to experience life like this, in all its colors. And I choose to not be overly strong, but to instead rely on the wonderful people around me. This is the right thing to do as it is part a true human experience. And my friend Jeff says, “If your don’t allow people to help you, you are robbing them of something.”

I had a wonderful time last night and this morning (post crash-out) with two of my favorite friends, and I can’t help but feel blessed despite my current exhaustion.  I’m a very wealthy man.