Music continues to overcome

It’s been a good month for music. No, not music companies: music. EMI released their catalog on iTunes minus crippling and consumer-hostile DRM schemes. The RIAA has lost more cases, including one that was dismissed with prejudice (meaning the defendant may be able to recover their attorney’s fees). Plus, a home-made album is topping the charts.

My favorite part, though? General Fuzz released another album, this one called “Cool Aberrations”. And again, he’s doing it for free (as in beer). I’ve had his stuff on long-term-loop before (“Messy’s Pace” is still a favorite of mine), and it looks like I’ll be listening to this new stuff for a while too. Go Fuzz!

Update: I went to the CD release part for my friends’ band The New Up and ran into General Fuzz again. I bought him a beer to say thank you for the music. Karma++.