BYOBW 2008

The Bring Your Own Big Wheel race was right in front of my house yesterday! It’s a uniquely SF sort of event, and was a lot of fun to watch. I had friends over for beers and laughs. My raw video footage is after the jump…

Basically, it’s another event for adults to behave badly and generally act like children (all in the name of fun). I’d bet more than a thousand people showed up to roll down the very-twisty Vermont Street, ending right in front of my house. People wore costumes, had customized big wheels, and generally had a jolly time for around an hour with 3 official runs and a couple extra “unsanctioned” rides.

As you can tell from the audio on the video, we had a blast watching. The majority of the giggle-track comes from AX, who is always in a good mood these days. I just can’t believe my luck in my recent apartment move; this is precisely the sort of thing I wanted to do and see in the city, and this event was delivered right to my front door.

Special thanks to everyone who organized, participated, and watched: it was a great event, and the effect on the foliage and street was nominal. Nobody really made a mess or did any damage (excepting, of course, a bunch of self-inflicted bodily harm). Several people stuck around to pick up shards of plastic and a few bits of litter, and that was very cool of them.

We had a blast watching you all!