Honor your father and mother

My Parents On Father’s Day I want to take a moment to do something a little odd on my blog. Most of the time I talk only of myself and my experiences. I tend to restrict myself in this way since I don’t want to assume that other people, particularly my friends, want to have a play-by-play of their life recorded by me publicly on the Internet. I don’t mention a lot of names.

But I have to call some people out on this special day: John and Bev, my dad and mom. These two people, who came together in matrimony nearly 41 years ago, chose to begin the family unit of which I am proud to be a part. Together, though thick and thin (sometimes extremely so), they raised 3 kids who have become adults and started to repeat the cycle by founding their own families. In this way they have created one of the most lasting and amazing things in his world: they have created a living legacy. The reverberations of their genetic code and, far more importantly, their personal influence will echo far into the future. When I stop to think of this and its potential, I’m awe-struck. The great men and women of history have their humble beginnings, and their myriad inspirations. My parents have touched so many people, myself included, that their scope of influence in incalculable. There is no doubt in my mind that their impact has made the world better.

So today I honor my parents. They nurtured, taught, praised, corrected, comforted, and encouraged me. They mended cuts, built tree houses, prepared meals, and helped with homework. My list could go on for pages, but the important conclusion is this: they gave me everything, and continue to affect me.

Thank you both. You’re amazing.