TAM6: After first presentations

I’m here in Vegas for TAM6, which is rolling along now. The first day was just a few cocktails and paid sessions (which I skipped), but now we’re into the swing of the normal sessions and presentation. Neil DeGrasse Tyson, billed as the keynote speaker, was fantastic. Speaking in a much more informal fashion than his usual presentations, he provided a lot of comedy and commentary on viewing the world as a scientist, especially in the presence of conspiratorial (UFOs and the like) and plain bad thought processes. He, being a publicly known scientist, gets to hear a lot of the same dumb questions over and over again. He punctuated his talk with a cosmologist’s view of our place in the universe.

It really is a stunning place that we take in this huge expanse, isn’t it?

Penn & Teller, now starting their presentation…

Update: I forgot to mention that I spent this session sitting next to a quiet young man that, after a little conversation, I discovered was none other than Captain Disillusion!