TAM6: P&T answer questions

Penn and Teller kinda took the easy route and just did a fairly short Q&A session. The most surprising part was, of course, Teller’s voice. For some reason I assumed he’d have a smaller more typical voice, but it is quite rich and radio-worthy. The typical questions were asked, with a few bits of “dance, monkey, dance” silly baiting. Those questions always remind me of “An Evening with Kevin Smith 2: Evening Harder” which is badly marred by people trying to get Mr. Smith to simply repeat the performances on the first DVD.

Someone did ask a good question about Penn’s own “gris gris” which I think he answered well. Even skeptics must admit that we see parts of our world through biased eyes and continue to hold on to ideals or priorities that may not be perfect. We must be skeptical of ourselves lest we become myopic.

They finished their session by screening a short film called “The Cold Reader”, which plays right into the central themes that Randi has pursued throughout his debunking career. It was a very enjoyable portrayal of a psychic scam artist working a couple of his clients. It was fun to see a dramatized first-person treatment of that world. I was also struck by the potential of such a medium, making the practice of psychic readings seem terribly absurd but doing so without resorting to any sort of plain, logical argument. Drama is, in some ways and to some people, a far more effective way of making a point.

Now the auction is over and I’ve been refueled with free coffee. Next up is the brilliant PZ Meyers. Hopefully his laptop is all set up and ready. Yes, even in a room full of this many geeks, there are still presentation problems (both with the projectors and the preparation of the speakers).