Abusing Calvin

The false evolution debate is one thing I have a hard time ignoring. I call it “false” because there really is no debate: evolution happened. Yet there are people out there that continue to make a lot of noise and push a disturbing pseudo-scientific religious agenda in order to protect their theologically and intellectually bankrupt world views. The depth of their misunderstanding of both science and religion is often staggering to me. They truly don’t understand either and make some of the most stunning logical errors I’ve ever seen.

But now it’s gone too far. I was raised in a Christian Reformed Church by loving parents and a supportive community. I then attended Calvin College, named for one of the key figures in the denomination’s theological history, John Calvin. So old Johnny has some significance in my history. Earlier this week I noticed that the morons at Answers in Genesis have cited the book art in Calvin’s commentary on Genesis as proof that man walked the earth with dinosaurs (they didn’t). That’s right, they claim an ornate drawing as scientific proof to contradict the massive amounts of hard evidence in the fossil record. The author is clearly delusional.

I can’t understand how a person could write about dragons without understanding that they have been a part of mythic lore for centuries? How could he be so ignorant of the mundane explanation for their appearance (storytellers often create bigger scarier versions of real things we’re already scared of as villains)? And how could assert that a lovely drawing is anything more than it is? All this does is show ignorance.

Calvin was a smart guy trying to answer difficult theological questions. Leave him out of your shallow, ignorant, lazy ravings.