BYOBW in danger?

It sounds like the BYOBW race is in danger.  The cops want permits issued for the peaceful (and fun) assembly of its citizens.  That’s absurd. Here’s the note I sent to the mayor and police chief today:

Mayor Newsom:

I am writing to you in regards to the BYOBW (“Bring Your Own Big Wheel”) event that has been going on in San Francisco for nearly a decade. This strange and silly event gathers a wide variety of people together for an hour or two of outright fun. People dress in costumes, bring their cameras, summon some courage, and ride a child’s toy down a twisty street. Last year, the event moved to my block of Vermont St. on Potrero Hill. I have to say, I loved it!

There have been indications from SFPD that they will be present and possibly issuing tickets for participation. I learned this during a BBQ that the BYOBW organizers threw last Sunday to meet and thank the neighborhood residents. It has also been covered in local news sources.

As a resident living directly on the course, I am writing to express my support for this annual event. I hope that you and the SFPD will allow it to happen without intereference. While I welcome the presence of SFPD to enforce the law in case property damage or acute lawlessness occurs, I request that they not impede the free assembly of San Francisco’s citizenry. This is a joyful gathering that causes no harm, seems to be generally enjoyed by the community, and proved itself to be organized and attended by people interested in the good stewardship of our street (the scenery was unmolested and not a scrap of litter was left behind).

I believe this proven record of good behavior obviates the need for and motiviation behind permits. Government need not be involved in the amicable interactions of the citizens.

Thank you for your time. And if you feel like attending the event, you are welcome to watch it from my apartment balcony.

Kyle VanderBeek (address and phone number removed)

If you agree with me, contact the mayor and free the BYOBW!