In support of BYOBW 2010

Easter is fast approaching and that can mean only one thing: a few people are trying to block the Bring Your Own Big Wheel event that has happened for the last few years on my street. This year, several people have undertaken the work required to make this a legal, permitted, and insured event for the whole family. There’s a permit hearing coming up and here is the letter I’m filing in support of the event.

My name is Kyle VanderBeek and I reside at 8xx Vermont Street, the last turn on the curvy portion of Vermont Street in Potrero Hill. I am writing this letter to express my support for the Bring Your Own Big Wheel (BYOBW) event being considered for April 4, 2010.

I moved into my current apartment just before the BYOBW event in 2008. When I heard it was happening, I was incredibly pleased and decided to turn it into an opportunity to gather with my friends. These events transform an otherwise normal Sunday into a time of celebration and community. I get to make food, be a host, and join my friends on the balcony to watch the spectacle. Many of us also choose to participate in what is truly a uniquely San Francisco experience; one that is family-friendly, joyous, and wacky.

I have enjoyed BYOBW for the last two years, and am encouraged by the additional organizational efforts being put forth this year (including more portable restroom facilities and monitors along the course). It has always been a low impact event, and I anticipate that being true this year as well.

As a directly-impacted neighbor, I urge the City of San Francisco to allow this annual event to continue and by doing so support the right of the people to assemble and be silly.

Thank you.

I really hope everything goes well. I can’t wait to throw a party!